Amsterdam to Be New Home to EU’s Medicines Agency

Europe has chosen Amsterdam as their new home for the European Medicines Agency (EMA), after meeting the EMA’s requirements for stability, safety and social responsibility. The decision will boost the knowledge industry of the Netherlands and will trigger more meetings and conventions for the city. Operations in Amsterdam are scheduled to start by 30 March 2019 with the commitment for a smooth transition.

The EMA’s executive director, Guido Rasi, said: “Amsterdam ‘ticks many of our boxes’, offering excellent connectivity and a building that can be shaped according to our needs”. The arrival of EMA will bring the high quality level of visitors that Amsterdam is looking for. Their average spending is good and they are expected to be cultivated (as opposed to the actual problem Amsterdam seems to having with loud and noisy tourists).

Set up in 1995, the agency will bring prosperity to the city since it employs about 900 people and hosts tens of thousands of visitors for hundreds of meetings each year. Pharmaceutical companies are expected to follow, while the university and research institutions will also see a boost.

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