Cyber Experts Secure the Future in The Hague

From 25 to 29 September, The Hague will host the second edition of the international Cyber Security Week. More than 40 events will see hundreds of experts in cyber security and cybercrime sharing their knowledge, discussing the latest developments and pitching innovative ideas. Together they will look for innovative solutions for one of the biggest challenges in our modern, digital world: how can we guarantee a secure cyber future? Important events at the Cyber Security Week are the Europol-INTERPOL cybercrime conference and the final of the EC-Council hacking competition Global CyberLympics.

Europol, INTERPOL, NATO, representatives of various European security clusters from the UK, Belgium, Germany and France, among others, will participate in seminars, lectures, workshops, challenges and show cases, will hear the latest ‘ins and outs’ with regard to cyber security and be invited to share, enhance and apply their knowledge.

The Cyber Security Week is an initiative of The Hague Security Delta (HSD), where many events of the CSW will take place. However, other locations in the Hague will also host events, including the WTC, the Fokker Terminal and New Babylon.

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