Zurich Walks the Sustainability Talk 

In Zurich, a wide variety of eco-friendly projects have been set up by both public and private initiatives, and the tourism sector and local hotel industry are also investing heavily in sustainability initiatives.

KES International – An Ideal Platform for Knowledge Dissemination

Together with Faye Alexander, Professor Howlett explains to Rémi Dévé what Kes International is about and what kind of challenges the’ve had to overcome in the past years.

Associations Going Global – Common Oversights

Renata Lerch reflects on how expanding any business globally is a big step that requires careful preparation.

220 Associations Convene in Vienna for a World Congress

Boardroom Chief Editor’s Rémi Dévé reports on the the Associations World Congress, which took place last week at the Austria Center Vienna.

Understanding Cultural Differences in a Global World

A global presence has become an increasingly significant reality for many PCOs while organising conferences, writes Patrizia Semprebene Buongiorno.