Understanding Cultural Differences in a Global World

A global presence has become an increasingly significant reality for many PCOs while organising conferences, writes Patrizia Semprebene Buongiorno.

Making a Convention Centre “International”

Geoff Donaghy, AIPC President, reflects about what being international for a convention centre means.

Riga & Latvia – The Power of Subventions, Really ?

A growing number of national tourism boards and even city-level convention and visitors bureaus are offering some form of subventions to attract associations. But should that really come into play, as Aigars Smiltans’ MEET RĪGA argues?

How to Keep a Competitive Edge in a Globalized World

By consolidating partners or collaborating with other destinations for a shared purpose, bureaus and businesses can serve as one voice with a strong message for associations.

Three Legacy Opportunities for Associations

International professional associations that convene congresses in destinations around the world mustn’t miss out on the opportunity to leave a legacy according to IAPCO