Association Salary Survey – A Report

Operating in Brussels for more than 10 years placing many candidates in public affairs, communication and association leadership positions, Ellwood Atfield has launched a new 28-page report on remuneration within European associations.

The Agile Asian Association: A Perspective

Reflecting from Manila, Octavio ‘Bobby’ Peralta argues that Asian associations need to be agile organizations – active, quick to adapt to changes, and business savvy – especially in this age of disruption.

Reading the Culture Map in a Global World

The editors of Convene give voice to a business professor whose research offers interesting insight into how culture affects business relationships in global settings.

Zurich Walks the Sustainability Talk 

In Zurich, a wide variety of eco-friendly projects have been set up by both public and private initiatives, and the tourism sector and local hotel industry are also investing heavily in sustainability initiatives.

KES International – An Ideal Platform for Knowledge Dissemination

Together with Faye Alexander, Professor Howlett explains to Rémi Dévé what Kes International is about and what kind of challenges the’ve had to overcome in the past years.