How Healthcare Association Meetings Can Deliver Legacies

There was a time when the meetings industry was viewed as solely based on what delegates and organisers would spend during an event. It was an easy thing to measure: people would fly in, rent event space, book accommodation, go to restaurants, commute by taxis… that gave a pretty good picture of the financial impact of business events in a particular destination/venue. Those days are over. The focus has clearly shifted to the value of what these events actually achieve for organisers, participants and host communities and the legacy that they leave.

There are many ways in which events can leave a legacy. If you want to demonstrate the kind of  broader “output” values that are associated with meetings, congresses or conventions, you have to think in broad terms and look at the  economic, business, professional, academic and community benefits that such events create. If those are a bit more difficult to grasp sometimes, that also places the meeetings industry as a whole at the very centre of the global economy and the related scientific, professional, academic, business and social advancements it helps achieve.

This video from our partner The Iceberg, illustrates, very simply, why healthcare association meetings deliver a legacy in improved treatment and awareness among the host community and why tourism interests are secondary. Voice is given to Daniel Waigl, Executive Director of the Radiological Society of Europe.





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