Copenhagen Wanders Beyond Legacy

During IMEX, Copenhagen introduced the interesting notion of the image problem academic events are facing. The meeting industry should be able to document value creation, to make an impact, and in Copenhagen they are trying to do just that.

Malaysia Leads Legacy Efforts in Southeast Asia

Malaysia Convention & Exhibition Bureau (MyCEB) has rolled out several programmes and initiatives to spur legacy planning among its local associations that will be hosting international conferences this year.

Cape Town Turns
Water Crisis Into Legacy

Cape Town is fighting the worst drought in recorded history, butleveraged the opportunity to position itself as a leader in innovation and resilience in the field of water management to attract new conferences.

International Research Conferences: The Academic Impact

Commissioned by the Danish Council for Research and Innovation Policy, the study explores the benefits and barriers for researchers and universities when hosting conferences. From Boardroom’s partner, The Iceberg.

Leaving a Space Legacy in Jerusalem

Highly esteemed conferences in sectors like space are leaving a legacy that extend far beyond Jerusalem’s famed Western Wall, impacting the city and influencing others around the globe with groundbreaking new developments, Lane Nieset writes.