A Safe Postcard From Taiwan

These days, most planners are worried about the future and are searching for the best solutions. No matter the difficulties, we must believe there will be a time when everything gets better and comes to what has been known as a ‘new normal’. When that time comes, some planners may need to choose a new meetings destination.

And Taiwan, which is open again, could be that one, for the three following reasons:


With lockdowns and less pollution, the environment is in a little bit better condition than before, and we should keep it that way. Hosting events in a more sustainable way should be considered by every event planner. Begin by choosing a greener venue—TaiNEX 2 is a good choice as Taiwan’s first exhibition hall to be certified with a Golden-Level Green Building Label. Then, follow up with content and hosting also utilizing sustainable practices. MEET TAIWAN can provide the direction for hosting green and sustainable events. More information on this here.


Taiwan’s technology is recognized worldwide, from hardware to software, from manufacturing to apps. Because virtual meetings are a necessary trend, virtual and hybrid meetings will become the norm. Taiwan is more than equipped for it, with domestic online meeting apps and well-equipped local venues. More information on this here.


After battling COVID-19, safety should continue to be a top consideration, whether for public health, the economy, and other aspects. With few cases in Taiwan (compared to other parts of the world), the virus situation is well under control and the people of Taiwan have enough masks to protect themselves and others. 

When COVID-19 first appeared in China in late 2019, it was predicted that Taiwan would be one of the most affected countries, given its geographic proximity to and close people-to-people exchanges with China. Yet even as the disease continues to spread around the globe, Taiwan has been able to contain the pandemic and minimize its impact on people’s daily lives. The transparency and honesty with which Taiwan has implemented prevention measures is a democratic model of excellence in fighting disease. The Ministry of Foreign Affairseven shared what has become to be known as the Taiwan Model for combating the pandemic. More information on this here.

In addition, the government is preparing subsidies and policies to bolster Taiwan’s meetings industry. Additional support can be expected for organizers wanting to host events in Taiwan.

This article is powered by MEET TAIWAN. More information on Taiwan as a conference destination can be found here.

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