AI Research Network Brings its Base Together

Earlier this month The Hague played host to the launch of the headquarters for the world’s largest AI research network CLAIRE (Confederation of Laboratories for Artificial Intelligence Research in Europe). CLAIRE has been established in response to the pressing need for excellence in AI research and innovation that ensures that Europe remains competitive in AI and its applications. 

During the opening of its new headquarters in The Hague, CLAIRE announced a focus on AI for good – and specifically, the use of AI to help reach the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. AI for all refers to the broad access to, and benefit from AI, across all of the society, including small, medium-sized and large enterprises, government and public administration, non-governmental organisations and citizens across Europe and the world.          

The use of Artificial Intelligence offers many opportunities to potentially improve the lives of our citizens. However, this requires the development of a responsible and transparent approach to the use of AI, which is an important topic for Europe, the Netherlands and The Hague in particular. CLAIRE has set itself the mission to develop that approach for Europe. I am therefore proud and thrilled that CLAIRE has chosen to establish its European headquarters in The Hague. This will contribute to making the international city of Peace and Justice a very relevant place for the development of the responsible use of AI in Europe in the coming years.”, says Deputy Mayor of the City of The Hague Ms Saskia Bruines.

The CLAIRE headquarters in The Hague will support CLAIRE activities all over Europe, coordinating the work of existing CLAIRE offices in other countries. The CLAIRE office in The Hague will also interact and coordinate with the NL AI Coalition, the European Commission, AI4EU, the European AI Association, the Benelux AI Association, CBS, TNO and ELLIS. The opening of the CLAIRE headquarters in The Hague thereby helps CLAIRE to strengthen the position of the Netherlands as an mayor hub on AI in Europe.

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