Austria Center Vienna Wecomes European Council Meetings

In the second half of 2018, Austria will hold the rotating presidency of the European Council for the third time, after its presidencies in 1998 and 2006. During this time, Austria will serve as an important political hub within the EU. The majority of conferences at ministerial level and meetings attended by Council functionaries will take place at the Austria Center Vienna, which has designated permanent conference facility status.

The events held during the Austrian Presidency of the EU Council of the European Union will take place in areas that are clearly separated from the venue’s day-to-day conference activities. For security reasons, special clearance is required to enter the spaces reserved for the EU Council meetings. All other parts of the Austria Center Vienna will be available for regular event organisers and participants to use.

The presidency of the EU Council (also called the Council presidency) rotates every 6 months in a set sequence among the 28 EU member states. During this 6-month period, the presidency chairs meetings at every level in the Council, helping to ensure the continuity of the EU’s work in the Council.

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