BestCities Take a Look at the Past and Plan the Future

BestCities Global Alliance announced earlier this week a joint study project with Rehabilitation International and GainingEdge with the goal of producing a reference for meetings organizers and the supplier community to remove barriers in meetings and conventions for delegates with special needs in a bid to make events more inclusive.

While the report is facilitated by GainingEdge, BestCities partners will be leaders in the project trailblazing the way for destinations around the world to make significant improvements in accessibility through knowledge sharing and robust case study examples on good practice on accessibility in the meetings industry. Rehabilitation International will also be used as a source of research, acting as the ‘sounding board’ or technical advisor.

What is more, associations from all over the world are to descend on Bogotá, Colombia, this December, for  the annual BestCities Global Forum. Held in collaboration with the Greater Bogotá Convention Bureau (GBCB), this year’s theme will centre on The Power of People helping facilitate people to do more and addressing the ability for people to make change regardless of their surroundings.

ICCA and BestCities Global Alliance are also busy reviewing applications for grants awarded by their Incredible Impacts Programme, which aims to create a powerful platform to advocate on the positive societal impact of international association meetings. Incredible Impacts Grants are awarded to associations to encourage communication of the true value of their meetings. To apply for a grant, organisations must demonstrate a track-record in a “beyond tourism” or legacy programme or project related to their international meetings. They need to explain how they would use the grant to support, expand, extend or enhance their chosen programme or a future project.

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