Big Changes For Calgary’s Meetings Scene

Calgary has shifted things from the inside in order to provide event planners with an even more appealing package. Earlier this month, Tourism Calgary launched its new meetings and conventions website, a dynamic, digital resource suited to kick-start any meeting or event planning journey in Calgary.

The site is meant to simplify things for event organisers with customizable venue and supplier databases, vast event planning and activation tools, compelling stories about Calgary and much more.

“Beginning in 2024, Calgary will be the largest meeting and convention destination in Western Canada with the facilities and capacity to accommodate multiple, large-scale events simultaneously,” said Carson Ackroyd, Senior Vice President, Sales at Tourism Calgary.

In order to achieve such goals, Tourism Calgary has also launched its new Billion Reasons sales campaign. Designed for meeting planners across the globe, this campaign outlines why Calgary is the ultimate host city for meetings, conventions and events. A Billion Reasons refers to the amount of money invested to enhance hosting infrastructure.

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