Bruges Ready to Provide Food for Thought

Bruges has every right to celebrate as the Belgian city won the bid for Junior Chamber International (JCI)’s 2022 European conference. Under the theme ‘Food for generations’, JCI will try to help create a better future for food, and to change the way we deal with food.

Many Bruges- and West Flanders-based companies have focused their activities around the theme of the congress. The intention is to work together with the industry to define trajectories around four themes: Sustainable Food Production, Nutrition, Gastronomy and Heritage.  

The brand new Bruges Meeting and Convention Centre, which is currently under construction, will play host to this event in addition to several hotels and other venues, such as the Concertgebouw. “The four defined pillars will help us appeal to a wider audience and create a link with companies based in West Flanders. We are also integrating the annual network event B2BnB and invite partners such as De Hanze Business, Voka and Unizo to organize a business forum at the conference. Business and networking are in JCI’s DNA,” says Jonas Maes, leader of the team that will be realizing this project.

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