The Pros & Cons of Digital Advocacy

4th October 2019
Margaux Rundstadler, Association Manager at Kellen, argues that, if going digital has become a prerequisite for associations, it also means it should be carefully planned and reviewed.
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A Brief Guide to Association Digitalization

16th September 2019
Digitalization is already underway, so embracing it is not a matter of if, but instead of when and how. In this article, Frank M. Waechter takes a look at the most effective strategies and solutions that associations can use to achieve this.
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Zeroing in on ICT in Zurich

19th August 2019
Thanks to an attractive meetings infrastructure and one of the most innovative networks in ICT, Zurich continues to lure association events. The Swiss city is known as a global leader in many fields—especially information technology and sustainability—in addition to being one of the top in terms of life quality.
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How to Appeal to the Next Generation

14th June 2019
With Millennials entering the market, it is crucial for scientific associations to involve young physicians and facilitate an easy handover. Associations have to think about younger generations increasingly and to take action in a way that will deliver value to them.
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Trade Associations’ Internal Advocacy Challenges

11th January 2019
In a very special contribution, Alexander Mohr, PhD, Executive Director of the European Flavour industry association writes how internal advocacy toward membership is often neglected among trade associations—but it’s one of the most crucial factors to consider.
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Why Every Association Needs a Social Media Policy

24th July 2018
Many organisations shy away from social media. This may be due to a lack of interest from leadership, limited resources or simply the perception of too much risk. Many of these factors can be addressed, at least in part, through the development of a social media policy, writes Miguel Neves.
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How Social Are You?

8th February 2018
According to a report called #DigitalAssociations 2017 carried out by Cambre Associates, 33% of associations in Brussels are not digitally social.
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Going Further with GDPR

6th November 2017
In order to move forward towards a greater compliance with the GDPR, associations should pay a good deal of attention to the following aspects, Benjamin Docquir writes.
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GDPR: How Associations Should Understand it

21st October 2017
Because associations maintain extensive databases of personal data, the General Data Protection Regulation, or “GDPR, directly impacts how associations will collect, maintain and manage the data that is vital to their operations.
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