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Answering Member Needs at Times of Crisis

10th April 2020
As the first part of a special series where the members of Boardroom Advisory Board share their challenges and insights in light of a surreal situation, we’re looking today at how they deal with member expectations, requests and what they do to help them navigate this unknown environment.
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Venue Innovation during Covid-19

8th April 2020
Despite the difficulties, humanity finds ways to rise from the ashes and prove that compassion and support are part of our nature. Positive news on the fact come flooding in on a daily basis, with Adelaide in South Australia taking its turn to make the case in point.
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Adapting to a New Reality

1st April 2020
As part of our new covid-19 section, Alexander Mohr, PhD, Executive Director of the European Flavour Association (EFFA), argues that, in these challenging times, associations play a crucial role for their members. If you want to contribute, just reach out to
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Imagining the Post-COVID19 International Association

26th March 2020
This is our brand-new section dedicated to the Covid19 crisis and how it impacts associations and all their suppliers. Today. Martin Sirk argues that the successful post-Covid19 association will be one that is extremely agile and flexible. If you want to contribute, just reach out to
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