Denmark Puts Legacy Centre-stage

As a continuation to the release of last year’s report on global approaches and best practices in outreach and legacy, MeetDenmark is now sharing with the industry tools aimed at helping destinations in the step-by-step planning of the legacy process. Organised by MeetDenmark and international consultancy Gaining Edge, the study looks into detail how destinations can find the right conferences and how these conferences can invest part of their budget for the right legacy-creating activities.

The project uses data from past experience and four selected conferences which took place in Denmark last year. It is financially supported by The Danish Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs and The Danish Executive Board for Business Development and Growth, who believe in the importance of a meeting leaving a legacy.

“By connecting Danish businesses and local communities with the more than 100,000 leading international scientists, specialists and decision-makers who visit Denmark every year to attend congresses, we are creating stronger international networks, collaboration and innovation. We are also promoting Danish solutions and Denmark as a great place to live and work. But just as important, we assist the international scientific associations realise their visions and missions. It is a win-win,” says CEO Mikkel Aarø-Hansen, Wonderful Copenhagen. 

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