Diabetes Conference Busy with Delegates Despite Virus Crisis

The 13th International Conference on Advanced Technologies & Treatments for Diabetes (ATTD 2020) took place 19-22 February in Madrid, Spain. In a time of crisis marked by massive event cancellations due to the coronavirus, the conference managed to bring together more than 3800 prominent healthcare professionals from 81 countries, start-ups, and investors, reaching a new delegate record. 

At Kenes Group, regular meetings with the Conference Chairpersons – Professor Moshe Phillip and Professor Tadej Battelino were held beforehand to discuss the situation of the virus crisis. A plan was set into motion in terms of keeping all delegates informed about the outbreak and its effects on the host destination, any travel information that they had to be aware of, such as the World Health Organization’s (WHO) advice on how to stay healthy while traveling, while providing anti-bacterial gel and making available masks for all delegates.

For all registered participants in China who could not travel, but also for everyone who had an interest, including the participants onsite, a significant part of the conference was live-streamed. Earphones were available on-demand for the delegates in Madrid, giving them the opportunity to choose how to enjoy each session, plenary, or presentation on the latest updates in diabetes technology.

Ori Lahav, VP Clients & Operations at Kenes Group commented: “It is a challenge to organise international meetings in times of a growing epidemic such as COVID-19. However, we have to remember that staying calm, analysing the situation and the risks, is of key importance. We need to keep on providing healthcare professionals platforms to meet for finding solutions to pertinent problems of our society, such as diabetes, as there are over 400 million diagnosed around the world, according to WHO. We are very proud to work with outstanding professionals as Professor Moshe Phillip and Professor Tadej Battelino, who gave us all their trust to continue forward with the meeting, only to create the best one to date.”

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