ASSOCIATIONWORLD: Event Design Masterclass

May 24, 2019
Intercontinental Geneva

Associations and other event owners or boards are often faced with the challenge of continuously re-thinking how their meetings, conferences and congresses create value and serve their stakeholder‘s needs. The ongoing pressure to innovate is omnipresent yet many aren’t equipped with creating new event visions, legacies nor improving processes to deliver on expectation.

Event Design using the #EventCanvas methodology is one of the very effective event design education models that provides a systematic approach to enable teams to design innovative events using Design Thinking applied to Events.

The Event Design Certificate Level 1 program is for leaders, executive directors, event directors, head of events, meetings planners and marketing managers who want a hands-on approach to understanding, designing and delivering events that matter by using the #EventCanvas, which is a strategic management template for developing new or documenting existing events and conference models.

ASSOCIATIONWORLD: Event Design Masterclass

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