Inaugural Africa Association Summit (AAS1)

October 21, 2019
Kenyatta Int'l Conf. Centre, Nairobi

Globally, professional societies, trade associations, federations, and other nonprofit groups provide more continuing education and training for adults than all the colleges and universities combined. Africa is catching up. That education and training, coupled with advocacy, standard setting, networking and capacity building, guidelines establishment, certifications and accreditation, all are helping to build and propel Africa’s development and transformation. Nonprofits can assist governments and businesses in developing faster and smarter.

Organized by the African Society of Association Executives (AfSAE), the Inaugural Africa Association Summit (AAS1) is a unique opportunity to showcase your organization’s support of and commitment to the role that associations play in transforming Africa. In addition, this is an opportunity to highlight how your organization values association business events.

The theme of the summit will be Associations: Unlocking Africa’s Potential. This will address how associations, as civil society organizations can play a greater role in driving the African development agenda. The two-day educational event is built around our theme and will feature other presentations in “Ted-Talk” style, panels, workshops and networking events. Three tracks will run in parallel: Finance & Administration, Governance & Strategy, and Technology. Speakers will be from recognized African institutions, international associations, and African business and association colleagues.

Inaugural Africa Association Summit (AAS1)

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