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Emerging Stronger and Refreshed in Taiwan

As the infamous COVID-19 pandemic forces an unprecedented shift in the way we work and live, the world has found itself in uncharted territory. But what if this change is actually a positive step for the sector's future and a leap towards a more considerate humankind? Taiwan is no doubt a part of this monumental process.

Words Vicky Koffa

After months of the world being at a standstill, meetings professionals have realized that they need to exit their comfort zones and develop different ways to bring experts together. Virtual and hybrid meetings of all sorts, using from basic to quite advanced technologies, are gaining ground and provide an excellent alternative to physical meetings. Virtual meetings are a great solution especially when budgets are limited.

Beyond this, using digital technology offers the possibility of an augmented worldwide audience and an environmentally friendly option. When the time comes to once again be able to choose an event venue, planners who have become more aware of the need to protect and sustain the environment might consider a greener one, like TaiNEX 2, the Taiwan’s first exhibition hall to be certified with a Golden-Level Green Building Label.

Immediate Action to Keep Economy Running

To tackle the rise of lay-offs and companies closing down mainly in the manufacturing and services sector, Taiwan’s government decided early last month to inject several subsidies directly to struggling businesses amounting to NT$150 billion (about US$5 billion) as part of its novel coronavirus relief plans.

These include grants covering 40 percent of the regular salary of a full-time employee each month from April to June, under the condition that these businesses do not reduce work hours, lay workers off, or cut employee salaries by more than 20 percent. MEET TAIWAN is also geared up to help MICE-related companies with support applications and advice. The economic stimulus package launched by the Ministry of Economic Affairs has already benefited almost 34,000 employees with the aim to reach up to 660,000. The subsidies and support are not only for saving companies but for helping companies, the MICE industry, and society with being sustainable.

Getting back to normal

The meetings industry has stuck together throughout this pandemic, helping in any way they can, not only those in their immediate environment, but also governments around the world, in the fight against the virus. From the very beginning Taiwan has been providing humanitarian aid, both nationally to keep its economy afloat and internationally with mask donations and COVID-19 battle strategies, looking forward to returning to normal as soon as possible.

The global pandemic will eventually end, the world will recover, and people will be able to travel around the world again. Recently, Taiwan has not seen any new cases and the government is considering lifting bans to restart business. In the near future, people can once again sit around the conference table and network face-to-face—Taiwan should be on your next list of destinations for upcoming events.

For more information on Taiwan as a conference destination, please visit the MEET TAIWAN website.

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