Explosive Biotech Industry in Nantes

With just a few days to go before the BIO Europe conference, which takes place from 5 to 7 November 2018, Nantes‘ biotech sector is attracting ever more biotechnology companies and displaying its bold ambitions. More than 2,500 health researchers focus on three main topics: biological immunotherapies, radiopharmaceuticals and regenerative medicine, while the city plays host to a substantial array of laboratories and technological hubs.

More and more biotherapy pioneers are coming to Nantes, with important startups like Valneva, Horama and Osé Immunotherapeutics taking the lead in creating vaccines, gene therapy treatments and innovative immunotherapies. The future of the Nantes urban area will also be built by mutually beneficial interaction between health and the digital sector as artificial intelligence is used for medical research and discoveries by the recent arrival of the startup Owkin. Not to mention the city’s highly advanced technological apparatus used for research and treatment.

4 to 5 biotechnological companies every year are created in the city, several of which are accommodated in the Nantes Biotech business incubator. This is also home to research laboratories and companies specialised in biotechnologies or health.

The future university hospital’s move to Ile de Nantes by 2023-2026 creates new opportunities for biotechnologies. As France’s biggest hospital development project, this hospital will be connected to the most advanced technologies and located in the heart of a genuine university hospital complex, with 6,000 students and lecturers. This will showcase the Nantes ecosystem and attract top researchers.

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