FAIB Celebrates Associations Law

Last month the Federation of European & International Associations (FAIB)  based in Belgium celebrated two anniversaries in the Townhall of Brussels City, put at its disposal by Brussels authorities, with 130 participants. FAIB’s 70th year of existence coincided with the 100th of the adoption of the law of 25 October 1919 ruling INPAs. The guests openly debated on “The role of associations in shaping modern legislation”, that shed another light on a highly topical issue.

The 1919 law was innovative, granting international associations the civil personification. It first only referred to associations with a scientific purpose but in 1954, notably owing to the intervention of FAIB, the scope of the law was broadened to be philanthropic, religious, artistic or educational. In 2002, the scope of the law is further extended to incorporate associations that “pursue a non-profit-making aim of international utility”.

The 1919 law has played an important role in the recognition of the legal personality of non-governmental organisations and, a hundred years later, it is still valid. FAIB is actively coordinating the position of the international associations sector on the reform of “company and association law” currently at stake. The draft law amending the Code on companies and associations is in its final stages before its expected adoption in a forthcoming plenary session.

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