Ottawa: A Pioneer in Innovative Immigration Integration 

Ottawa, a capital at the crossroads of government, education and advocacy, stands apart from all other international hubs for its integrated and holistic approach to immigration.

Rimini & Vicenza:
2 Cities, 1 Strong Link

Italy is no stranger to innovation and efficiency when it comes to dealing with international associations, may that be following new trends or covering specific needs when organising conferences, and Rimini and Vicenza are quite representative exemplars of that.

A Breath of Conference Air in Paris

The economic dynamism of Paris and its surrounding region has always relied on research and innovation – this is actually one of the reasons why the International Congress of the European Respiratory Society took place there in September.

International Coach Federation – Growing With a Local Presence

Thanks to our special partnership with the Global Association Hubs Partnership (GAHP), Boardroom talked to Magdalena N. Mook, CEO of the International Coach Federation (ICF), who explained all about the organisation’s growth strategy. 

Knowledge in the Sunshine of Marseille

Thanks to a whole-of-the-city approach promoting its excellence in key industry sectors, the number of conferences Marseille attracts has steadily been growing – the recent World Conservation Congress win is testament to it.