Making Good on Green Promises

Monaco is steadfastly stepping beyond its reputation as a playground for the rich and beautiful to take its rightful position as a leader in the global fight for a more sustainable and healthy planet.

AIPC Conference Rejuvenated Thanks to New Format

Hosted by the Flanders Meeting and Convention Center, which played a key role in providing a wide range of diverse spaces, the AIPC Annual Conference kept delegates engaged in distinctively new ways.

‘3 Ps’ of a Successful Secretariat

Reflecting from Manila, Octavio ‘Bobby’ Peralta, CEO & Founder of the Philippine Council of Associations and Association Executives, highlights the three key pillars of purpose, performance and people when it comes to an efficient association secretariat.

All Eyes on Dubai Association Conference 2019

How can the association community grow in a way that creates a positive impact on society? This is the key question the Dubai Association Centre (DAC) aims to address in the second edition of the Dubai Association Conference this December.

Taiwan’s Record for Innovation Attracts International Conferences

Year after year Taiwan proves its value both to expats who voted the island as the best place to live and to meeting planners who recognise its value when hosting international conferences.