First ESAE-Cambre Workshop Is Open for Registration

In the framework of ESAE‘s recent partnership with Cambre, a series of events will be taking place on Digitalization and what it entails for associations. The first installment in this series focused on digital advocacy is set for 28 November at 08.30-10.30 with the topic ‘How to be the best Digital Lobbyist’. The event will give continuation to ESAE’s latest session on how to be the best lobbyist in Brussels and will look at how to make online communications and an essential part of your outreach efforts, the tools of the trade and how to maximize your chances for success.

Should I Tweet? Should I post videos online? What about Facebook? The right answer is not about whether you should or shouldn’t do it, but about how to do it properly and when. A 4-step strategy will be presented to guide your association into the online and social media jungle. The speakers will be Fernando Anton, PR Director at Cambre, and Gianmaria Sisti, Cambre’s Digital Coordinator.

The event is free to attend upon registration which is now open.

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