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Gets Tastier

A conference is not necessarily all about knowledge, collaboration, and business potential, it’s also about experience. And more often than not, food is an integral part of it, as it partakes of keeping delegates refueled and energized for the day ahead. But an event’s culinary offerings not only help to keep participants engaged and satisfied, they can make or break a conference’s success. With its newly-developed Honest Goodness menu starting 1 July this year, Adelaide Convention Centre (pictured) definitely understood this.

 In an ever-changing meetings industry, delegate tastes are evolving, and you have to cater to them. With a shift toward socially responsible and experiential events, guests are asking for a lot more than pastries, apples or tasteless sandwiches – meals that meet dietary needs are what is expected, but not only that it’s a whole food philosophy that has to be put in place.

Adelaide Convention Centre (ACC) recently unveiled its Honest Goodness menu, which they developed in collaboration with nutritional experts from the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI), the University of Adelaide, and CSIRO, Health and Biosecurity. The new menu’s aim? To transform the convention centre dining experience with an emphasis on minimal intervention foods and conscious reduction of salts, sugars and preservatives.

Simon Burgess, General Manager, of the Centre, says the menu lies at the core of the venue’s drive for innovation: “With increasing public conversation on mindful eating and the growing demand for healthy conferencing, we wanted to get on the front foot and lead the way. We’ve hosted a number of key Asia-Pacific nutrition conferences, and were increasingly being asked for healthier menu options. These elements were the catalyst for developing Honest Goodness. And we’re proud to say it is just the start of the journey: we want to bring the public nutrition message to the forefront and are confident it will help transform the event dining experience.”

Brimming with nutrient-dense, whole foods sourced from local environments, ingredients are prepared, in-house, by the ACC’s chefs to make restaurant-quality dishes that are vibrant in colour and bursting with flavour. The end goal is to keep participants engaged – nobody wants an audience dozing off in the afternoon sessions! The emphasis is also on good fats (natural animal and plant-based), and low sugar and sodium (with a conscious reduction of refined white sugars, salts and processed sauces and dressings).

Executive Chef Gavin Robertsonputs it like this: “Food consumed during a conference plays a huge part in the success of the event. It’s key to the delegate experience and aside from the conference programme, is what people usually remember most. Food is also one way you can give delegates a sense of the destination. In South Australia, we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to access to incredible produce. We’re committed to offering our visitors a taste of South Australia, with 97 percent of produce we use sourced locally.”

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