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Get Ready for #Roadmap 2030

Boardroom, the best resource for associations, and Bond, a digital innovation agency, have joined forces to launch #Roadmap 2030, a progressive and future-focused community and learning forum for associations.

#Roadmap2030 will deliver practical, hands-on educational content, networking opportunities, mentorship, news and community engagement year-round. Our mission is to safeguard the future-readiness and economic clout of the associations industry through continuous empowerment of association leadership and staff.

An initiative by the leading publishers of Boardroom and the Boardroom MiniCourses and the advanced tech company Bond, #Roadmap 2030 is set to become the global resource for associations executives and association staff based globally.

Cecile Koch, founder & managing director of Boardroom, explained: “Through #Roadmap 2030 we want to act as change makers, thought leaders, connectors and educators for association executives no matter where they are based, no matter how big or small their organizations are. We’re taking a holistic, top-level approach and will provide year-round Boardroom-level content, in addition to our own publishing calendar.”

Marc Mekki, co-founder of Bond, echoed Cecile’s comment: “The aim of #Roadmap 2030 is to create a membership-based association community so that they rise up to the current challenges of their profession, while preparing for the future. The cherry on top will be a one-day, high-level association event in November 2021 in different destination hubs.”

#Roadmap 2030 will start to unfold in January 2021. See already what’s in it for you here.

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