Guaranteed Success Pledge in Montréal

Business Events Montréal has recently announced the Guaranteed Success Pledge, a first in the meetings industry. As the 1st destination in North America for hosting international events (ICCA), 1st in the Americas for international events (UIA) and amongst the most enviable cities in the world to do business (KPMG), the city feels confident about the results it can provide.

According to Business Events Montréal, when you choose to host your meeting there, you’ll hit your attendance numbers; they are so confident that you’ll reach your target number of attendees, that they will honour the financial commitment for your anticipated number, no questions asked. With the Guaranteed Success Pledge, Business Events Montréal will also guarantee the best exchange rate between when you book and when your event takes place. And, as an added bonus, carbon neutrality at the convention centre is guaranteed as well.


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