Hangzhou’s ‘Experience Officers’ Offer Insights into the City’s New Economy

One day before the “Hangzhou–Leading Innovation for Future Conferences” event organized by Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, TV and Tourism last week – which aimed to promote Hangzhou as the ideal destination to host innovative conferences  – twenty “48-hour Experience Officers of Future Industries”, were appointed.

These officers are all meetings experts and Zhejiang-based entrepreneurs from the ‘new economy’ sectors, such as digital economy, fashion industry, new retail, new energy and bio-pharmaceuticals. On a day themed “Experience Day of Future Conferences”, they exchanged views on the strengths and growth prospects of Hangzhou’s future industries.

The officers were taken on a tour of Hangzhou’s local culture and discovered all kinds of crafts – including tea, silk, epigraphic and sigillographic, and Chinese zither – that can be part of MICE-related activities. They also visited industry clusters such as Cloud Town and E-fashion Town, and charted out strategies for companies to compete with corporate executives from Geely’s Geometry, Lixing Group, Smart Vision, EIFINI, NIO, etc. in the context of the new economy.

Over the past few years, the ‘new economy’ sectors in Hangzhou, such as digital, fintech, bio-pharmaceutical, cultural and creative industries, new retail and new energy, have enjoyed steady growth, which generated a demand for new economy-themed conferences. As its impetus grows strong, the conference industry spares no effort to promote these different fields of expertise and further their growth in many ways, including the organization of high-profile new economy-related conferences.

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