ICCA Embraces Associations in the Community

ICCA is inviting senior association executives, meetings managers and volunteer leaders to join the newly founded ICCA Association Community. Association executives with decision-making or a decision-influencing role on where their international meeting is held belonging to non-governmental organisations not managed by third parties with at least one internationally rotating meeting, minimum 50 participants  and meetings held on a regular basis, may become part of the Community.

Through this Community, Association Executives receive education and expertise: access to the ICCA Association Database containing details of international association meetings similar to theirs and contacts at other association, access to the Big Data Search Tool to find potential speakers and sponsor and to the Destination Comparison Tool to find and compare potential host destinations.

This is an important step for ICCA and ICCA members for a number of reasons. Making associations part of the community will lead to more accurate data in the database and there will be more face-to-face informal networking opportunities with associations through larger attendance at ICCA events. ICCA will have direct input from an important voice in the world of association meetings, which will provide a greater understanding of associations and their needs.  The ICCA Association Community will create greater awareness of the challenges and opportunities that associations and their meetings are facing today and will allow for a privileged peer-to-peer exchange with the ability for ICCA members to engage with these executives on a regular basis at regional or international events.

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