ICT, Health and Life Sciences and Engineering Supporting Conferences

With more PhDs per capita than any other city in Canada, Ottawa is filled with scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs active in health and life sciences, technology and engineering.

Ottawa is the most technology intensive city in Canada, with over 10% of its workforce employed in information and communications technology (ICT). The capital is a leader in autonomous vehicles, communications technology, digital media, fintech, govtech, 5G, photonics and SaaS. International tech giants and up-and-coming local start-ups alike call the city home from Amazon, Apple and Nokia, to Klipfolio and Mindbridge. Headquartered in Ottawa, the Shopify cloud-based e-commerce platform services 377,500+ businesses across 150 countries and is among Canada’s top R&B spenders. 

Ottawa is also Canada’s Autonomous Vehicles capital, offering a powerful cluster of advanced networking, software and IoT expertise. There are over 70 companies in Ottawa’s AV ecosystem, led by Blackberry QNX, that are directly contributing their expertise, technology and intelligence to connected cars and autonomous vehicles. The city and Blackberry QNX are working collaboratively with organizations such as Invest Ottawa to further establish Ottawa as Canada’ AV capital. 

As the country’s capital, Ottawa is home to Canada’s national government, including departments and agencies that employ leading life sciences experts and are directly responsible for health regulation, protection, promotion and research funding.  Ottawa has emerged as a true leader in health and life sciences, with close to 4,000 people employed and 140 companies active in the sector–plus world-class research facilities and institutes that support innovation, discovery, development and commercialization.

Five of Canada’s top hospital research institutes are located in the city, along with Canada’s National Research Council and no fewer than 35 Canada Research Chairs. Two major national life science Networks of Excellence are also based in Ottawa: the Steam Cell Network, Canada’s premier research organization dedicated to enabling the transition of stem cell research into clinical applications, commercial products and public policy; and Biotherapeutics for Cancer Treatment, a pan-Canadian network of expertise and infrastructure for the development, manufacture and clinical testing of personal biotherapeutics. 

Canada’s capital is also a hub for engineering, with 27,000 students enrolled in STEM programs across the city. The STEM Complex of the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Engineering, which opened in 2018, has an entire floor of prototyping and manufacturing facilities, as well as collaborative spaces. The complex aims to ignite students’ imagination, provide the tools to help bring ideas to life, and facilitate commercialization partnerships with Ottawa’s vast ecosystem of technology and engineering companies.

Should you choose Ottawa for conference, you will have access to talented speakers, exceptional site visits, in a special blend of natural beauty, cosmopolitan energy and proximity to policymakers you’ll find nowhere else in North America. 

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