Impact Study For Associations by BestCities

A new research has been announced by BestCities Global Alliance focusing on legacy impact measurement in the business events sector. Over 50 interviews and surveys conducted with destinations from across the world and associations from a broad spectrum of sectors and disciplines have been used in addition to findings from MeetDenmark’s 2018/2019 studies into meeting legacies as a framework for the current practises in place.

The outcome establishes a vocabulary and measurement toolkit for international associations to appreciate conference impact. Lesley Williams, Managing Director at BestCities, said: “This research, in collaboration with many of our partners & stakeholders, begins to carve out a ‘legacy language’, and helps us measure that rich value. We hope that by sharing the outcomes of this study, it will strengthen the ability of destinations and associations to measure meeting legacies – ultimately for the greater good of society overall.”

BestCities, in collaboration with global consultants GainingEdge, are aiming at conducting further research into legacy impact. A feasibility analysis on the development of a legacy impact framework for both associations and destinations is the new project of this collaboration.

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