Incredible Impacts Announce a Second Hit

Three associations were selected to receive the Incredible Impacts grant, run collaboratively by ICCA and BestCities Global Alliance for the second year, winning over an independent panel of industry experts thanks to excellence shown by these associations within the global meetings industry. The Down Syndrome International, the Society for Ecological Restoration, and the Union for International Cancer Control will have the possibility to use this grant towards future projects.

Showcasing a diverse range of events, the winning associations demonstrated an innovative approach to ensure they left a lasting impact in their respective industries, as well as leaving a legacy for the industry that will go beyond their venue walls. With the Incredible Impacts Grant Programme, it is hoped the winners’ examples will be a source of reference and inspiration for other event planners in the future.

Paul Vallee, Managing Director of BestCities said: “Our winning associations should be congratulated on not only winning the grants, but also on being advocates and inspiring leaders to others in the field. We hope to see each association go on and create more inspiring events using the grants they’ve received, which will continue to shine a positive light on our industry.”

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