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Launch of the Boardroom MiniCourses: Learn at Your Own Pace in Your Own Place

Like you, Boardroom, the Best Resource for Associations, is navigating unprecedented territories, and we are trying to reinvent ourselves. Today, we are proud to launch the Boardroom MiniCourses, a dedicated online learning site loaded with short, high-quality educational videos.

The concept: give association professionals quick, 5- to 10-minute-long courses delivered by a dedicated panel of selected experts. 

What the Boardroom MiniCourses offer:

  • The possibility for you to learn at your own pace, in your own time, wherever you are
  • The opportunity for you to ask for a one2one session with our experts if you want to take things further

Divided into five categories – PR & Comm, Technology, Marketing, Strategy, Impact & Legacy (and more to come!) – Boardroom’s online MiniCourses are designed to tackle some of the most common challenges associations are facing in the market today.

This is a project in progress, some additional features will be implemented in a second phase shortly, but right now you can already experience our full value proposition.

Based on a monthly subscription (19,95€/month after a 14-day free trial period which starts when you register), the website, which currently features 15 initial MiniCourses (with more to come next week already), will be updated each month with new content, new categories and new experts.

Experts include: 

  • Juanita Vorster, Strategy Instructor
  • Geneviève Leclerc, CEO of #Meet4Impact & Impact Strategist
  • Marc Mekki, Tech & Community Expert
  • Bade Kizilaslan, PR & Communication Specialist
  • Renata Lerch, Global Marketing & Innovations Strategist

Get started today, register here and you will have access to all Boardroom MiniCourses.

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