Lausanne Montreux Celebrates 50 Years of Technology

With 2019 marking the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) 50th anniversary, the federal institute of technology is celebrating its golden anniversary with a series of events and festivals that showcases its successes in the science, research, education and innovation industries to members of the public. Key events include open science days, where technology enthusiasts can learn at the hands of  researchers about the vision for reproducible science as well as immersing themselves in innovative research events and celebrating the Alumni 50th day to honour previous graduates at EPFL.
Located in the Lausanne Montreux region, the EPFL is one of Europe’s most renowned science and technology establishments. For more than 20 years, the EPFL has been a key player in innovation and technology that also hosts one of the largest conference centres in Lake Geneva region, the SwissTech Convention Centre. The centre also acts as an educational base for students as well as a venue for business delegates.

SwissTech is just one of four convention centres partnered with Lausanne Montreux Congress (LMC), alongside the Beaulieu Convention Centre, The Olympic Museum and Montreux Music & Convention Centre (2m2c), with each centre showcasing different aspects of the region. With its strong reputation in the innovative technology industry, the SwissTech Convention Centre is already set to host a series of engaging conferences, including The 11th World Congress Science Journalists (WCSJ). The five day event will take place 1st-5th July 2019, providing delegates with the opportunity to network and discuss the future of science.
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