Creating Lasting Legacy in Kathmandu

Kathmandu isn’t your typical conference destination: air connections are limited and usually require a stop in the Middle East or Asia, while hotels and local suppliers are another concern. But the Reproductive Health Supplies coalition (RHSC) gladly accepted these logistical challenges when planning the 19th RHSC General Membership Meeting 2019.

ICC Sydney Builds on its Legacy Program

International Convention Centre Sydney (ICC Sydney) is adding another brick to its Legacy Program as Australia’s premier venue introduces new culinary initiative. 

Shaping Greener Events

As a way to improve delegates’ overall experience, SQUARE-BRUSSELS CONVENTION CENTRE plans to start with one of the most important elements—the environment.

Measure What Matters

When we eavesdrop on conversations surrounding impact, it always seems that it’s about measurement. Yet to us, as Geneviève Leclerc, founder of the #Meet4impact project, writes, measurement should be perceived as a tool for understanding impact, not as the end goal.

Association Meetings as Part of the Circular Economy

The Iceberg’s James Latham met up with Pier Paolo Mariotti while he was Faculty Director of the ECM Summer School in London this year. Pier Paolo shares interesting views on the circular economy.