Leaving a Space Legacy in Jerusalem

Highly esteemed conferences in sectors like space are leaving a legacy that extend far beyond Jerusalem’s famed Western Wall, impacting the city and influencing others around the globe with groundbreaking new developments, Lane Nieset writes.

Legacies of the Decoupling of Chinese Associations

A special contributor to Boardroom, Olivia Jia, Senior Manager of IME Consulting Co., Ltd. and publisher of the ‘China Social Organisation’ magazine, reflects on the specificities of working with associations in China.

The Virtue of Patients

The patient-involvement initiative is oftentimes linked to an effort to leave a legacy behind in the cities where conferences are organised, writes Barbara Palmer, of Convene, the PCMA magazine and partner of Boardroom.

ICC Sydney: A Pioneering Venue

Following its opening in December 2016, International Convention Centre Sydney (ICC Sydney) has gone from strength to strength, helping to drive Australia’s reputation as one of the world’s most desirable meeting destinations.

Africa, Ready to Leave Legacies

Jeffers Miruka is the President of the African Society of Association Executives (AfSAE), with over ten years of combined experience in association management . He shares with Boardroom his views on how Africa is developing fast, both as an association and a meetings destination.