A Story of Food Donation Legacies

Edmonton Convention Centre has produced a case study of its food donation program, showing how the scheme aligns with provincial and district legislation, and involves all stakeholders in the donation chain.

A Podcast with Lyn Lewis-Smith

In this first “Below the Waterline” podcast of our partners at The Iceberg, James Latham talks to BESydney CEO Lyn Lewis-Smith about her advocacy, storytelling and political engagement.

Define Your Intention First

In this third installment of our #MEET4IMPACT series, founder Geneviève Leclerc explores the first – out of four –  key step needed to achieve a successful impact practice. 

Steps for Business Events Success

JMIC spent three years analysing the legacy benefits of business events, looking at nine case studies from four continents. Their finding: a disconnect between the way governments around the globe value the business events sector and the true value of conferences, congresses and international trade shows.

Destinations & Associations:
A Different Perspective About Legacy?

MeetDenmark recently published a study suggesting that association and destination perspectives on outreach and legacy have key differences.