Tunnels with an Impact

It’s rare to return to the same country for a world congress, but in Italy, three times can be a charm—especially when you’re combining the archeologically rich city of Naples with a community of worldwide experts on design and construction of underground work.

How Conferences Can Be Life-Changing Events

Dr Lance O’Sullivan knows the power of conferences. Aged 17, the self-confessed disruptive child attended a conference on Māori medicine. The twice-expelled teenager set his sights on medical school, later becoming a GP and advocate for Māori health in New Zealand’s Far North.

Preparing for the Congress of the Future  

In 2040, what are some of the scenarios that associations may encounter? While no one has a crystal ball to predict the future, BestCities 2019 Copenhagen Global Forum looks to offer the next best thing.

Leaving Medical Legacies in Hamburg

Hamburg is securing one medical congress after another, including the 2021 annual congress of the European Association of Neurosurgical Societies (EANS), which is due to attract around 3,000 specialists to the city.

Switzerland: Let the People Talk

It’s always better to have organizers talk about their experience in a given destination than just convention bureaus explaining how great it would be for you – and them – if you chose them for their next event. So we have asked a few planners to do the talking.