Empowering the Young Generation

As an expansion of the feature published in the September issue of Boardoom, Aaron Etra, co-founder of the Institute for Life Sciences Collaboration, shares his insights on how youth should be empowered in this special contribution by BestCities Global Alliance.

Case Study: Physical Therapy in Singapore

The World Confederation for Physical Therapy, a UK charity and non-profit, represents more than 450,000 physical therapists in 109 member organisations around the world. It organized its World Congress in Singapore in 2015.

Taiwan’s Bays Attract International Associations

From the north where Taipei the capital city resides, all the way down to the southern regions and Kaohsiung City, the small yet surprising island of Taiwan is a continent in itself. Aged monuments and green landscapes rest alongside major industry clusters.

ICC Sydney Helps Build Connections and Leave Legacies

ICC Sydney represents a pivotal connection point between clients, delegates and the local Sydney stakeholders, as the team ensures the events it hosts create a lasting legacy, giving back to the communities in which it operates and placing people first.

The Business Events of African Associations

Our partners from The Iceberg delves deeper into the role associations play as gateways to professional and sector development. They specifically tackle the opportunities that exist for associations within Africa’s transition to a knowledge society and economy.