Neurosurgeons Discuss the Future in Brussels

The European Congress of Neurosurgery, organised by AIM Group International for the fourth consecutive year, is a key event for the medical community. The 2018 congress took place earlier this month (21-25 October) at the Square Brussels Convention Centre.
More than 1,500 European neurosurgeons arrived in Brussels for the EANS2018 Congress to share current best practices and look at future developments, through a combination of interactive courses, plenary sessions and high-level discussion platforms. This edition focused on improving the congress effectiveness and the participants engagement.
Some key areas of the congress was, firstly, powerful learning through Masterclasses and Scientific Sessions with small audiences, focus on digitalisation through e-posters and several scanning stations, the creation of  more valuable partnerships to attract new and more sponsors and increase sponsorship revenues and, finally, more networking through the collateral social programme which AIM had organised.
Photo : Square Brussels Convention Centre

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