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New Hospital at ExCeL London to Fight Coronavirus

A new hospital will open to provide support for thousands more patients with coronavirus, NHS England has announced. The NHS Nightingale Hospital, London, will be ready for use from next week.

The hospital, based at ExCeL London, in East London, will initially provide up to 500 beds equipped with ventilators and oxygen. The capacity will then continue to increase, potentially up to several thousand beds, should it be required.

Jeremy Rees, CEO, ExCeL London, said: “We are proud to be able to accommodate the increasing demand for hospital beds and will work with the NHS to facilitate this request. The team at ExCeL London will ensure that we work with the Government and relevant authorities to support their efforts in seeing the British people and the UK through this unprecedented crisis.”

NHS chief executive Sir Simon Stevens,said: “This will be a model of care never needed or seen before in this country, but our specialist doctors are in touch with their counterparts internationally who are also opening facilities like this, in response to the shared global pandemic.”

ExCeL London is being refitted to take hundreds of beds with oxygen and ventilators. The NHS Nightingale Hospital will draw nurses, doctors and other staff from across the health service, as well as a number of military medics will also tend to patients. The majority will be NHS staff.

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