Ottawa Launches New Ambassador Program

Ottawa Tourism, Shaw Centre and Invest Ottawa are collaborating to launch a program to bring more conferences and conventions to Canada’s capital city through the creation of local ambassadors. In addition to attracting potential ambassadors, the ThinkOttawa program also offers a number of solutions and support services to help win and deliver events across the city.

The program appeals to potential ambassadors by asking if they are trailblazers in their industry and wish to be the sort of leader that leaves a legacy. In particular, to increase engagement, ThinkOttawa highlights four key benefits to becoming an ambassador: raise the profile of an ambassador’s work, leave a legacy in the ambassador’s industry and the city as a whole, expand networks, develop relationships and build research partnerships and be recognised for their efforts in championing an event at annual awards.

The program also demonstrates how much support Ottawa Tourism, Shaw Centre and Invest Ottawa can offer ambassadors throughout the organising process with bid development, venue and accommodation, government, community and partnership support, marketing and promotional materials and financial support.

“Ambassador programmes are not unusual in the world of association conferences and congresses but we wanted to go the extra mile and create a truly bespoke offering for those individuals wanting to get involved,” comments Ottawa Tourism’s Vice President, Meetings and Major Events, Lesley Mackay. “Specifically, we are looking to help those individuals become leaders, share knowledge, connect, introduce ThinkOttawa and identify opportunities for the city. As Canada’s capital we are home to national and international association representatives all looking to host events in creative and inspiring spaces. We want to show them why Ottawa is the perfect destination and how easy it is to hold events here.”

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