PCMA Influencers Summit: What to Take Away

Luca Segantini is the Executive Director of the International Society of Nephrology, and attended the 2018 PCMA European Influencers Summit in Seville in September. He tells Boardroom how the programme was relevant to his organisation and what his takeaways are.

Can you briefly introduce the organization you work for? What’s your role in it?

Since 2009, I am executive director of the International Society of Nephrology (ISN), a global organisation dedicated to advancing worldwide kidney health with a 35-people team. We build capacity with healthcare professionals via granting programs, education and research. My role is to make sure that all ISN programs are well-managed and support our mission.

Why did you choose to attend the Summit in the first place?

I have only been to a PCMA event once before, and I had a positive memory of the experience. Beyond my commitment as an AC Forum board member, I only go to a couple of association events each year, and I try to carefully select them. The PCMA European Influencers Summit promised to be right on target for me, as I will soon be moving from an international association to a European one, so I must learn more about specific issues and best practices on the continent.

What are your takeaways?

Although the line between global issues in the events/association world and local (European) ones is fairly thin, I learned that the value of collaboration, partnerships and teamwork is higher in Europe. Perhaps the fact that many excellent destinations are trying to attract customers in a comparatively small space forces everyone to overcome the purely competitive approach and seek ways to put in place win-win strategies. Alliances are a visible sign of this philosophy and I am personally convinced there is still work to be done to achieve their full potential, for customers and destinations/venues alike. 

What are the key highlights of the event according to you?

Like most of the audience, I enjoyed Dr. Nordström’s plenary speech, although I disagree with his conclusions. I appreciated the clear delineation of the forces influencing our future: de-globalisation, urbanisation, technology. The speakers showing new revenue streams were all interesting, in different ways, and some of their case studies are immediately applicable to any event. Finally, I thought the concluding workshop was well structured and gave me a few nuggets I am already sharing with my team – overall, a positive experience, in a wonderful setting in Seville. Just make sure it is not 38 degrees next time…

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