Quebec City Convention Centre Puts Sustainability First

The Québec City Convention Centre is a leader in sustainable development, having managed to minimize its environmental footprint, implement responsible food services and operations, foster local development, promote local culture and products, and give back to the community. “We have a history of being proactive when it comes to sustainable development,” said president and CEO Pierre-Michel Bouchard. “Our vision of a greener future has really led us to pave the way and take novel approaches. This has kept the Québec City Convention Centre at the forefront. It’s more than being good to the environment—it’s about being a good corporate citizen.”

The Convention Centre’s staff apply high standards in environmental management and maintain a recycling rate of at least 80% for residual and compostable materials. Highlights of the Québec City Convention Centre’s sustainable approach include a first in implementing an eco-responsibility program for event organisers, eco-friendly food services, filtered water fountains, compostable disposable containers, cutlery, and dishes, surplus food donation and support for neighborhood and community-building initiatives among others.

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