Rimini & Vicenza:
2 Cities, 1 Strong Link

Italy is no stranger to innovation and efficiency when it comes to dealing with international associations, may that be following new trends or covering specific needs when organising conferences, and Rimini (pictured above) and Vicenza (pictured below) are quite representative exemplars of that. Both situated in northern Italy, the two cities are immersed in history and architecture comprising of UNESCO World Heritage structures, hospitality and environmental awareness. Rimini is a dynamic and welcoming city at the edge of the Adriatic Sea and Vicenza is situated in a strategic position in the heart of Veneto, one of the most productive region.

In order to represent the two cities in the international scene, Rimini and Vicenza joined forces creating the Italian Exhibition Group (IEG) as a leading trade fair and conference-convention organizer for expo portfolio. Its Event & Conference Division provides associations with the necessary tools to hold successful conferences in the two cities.

Go with the flow

Keeping up-to-date means far more than just being technologically advanced or facilities-adequate. Both cities have embraced the idea of following new tourism tendencies in order to remain competitive in regards to the meetings industry. Industry Vision Travel&Hospitality, IEG’s survey that monitors consumer trends, is proposing a list of such trends that will influence the international market in the future. Implementing strategies based on this data helps Rimini and Vicenza to build further innovative strategies for their clients.

One of the five trends mentioned in the survey, ‘Wonderland’, wants the public to take a strong interest in the fiction created by immersive technologies, as the need to be surprised is increasing and the line between the real and the virtual is growing thinner. Virtual Reality is key in the second trend, ‘Playing the Game’, where adults are turning into children as they seek more playful and fun experiences.

With change, curiosity and inspiration playing a central role in a third trend called ‘Chance to Change’, delegates will be looking for services and activities that promote transformation and self-awareness, whereas the ‘In Private’ trend finds them opting for exclusivity whether that is in the form of reserving private space or creating small, ‘exclusive’ communities. Last, but not least, ‘Switch Off’ takes tourism to the next level where people are eager to be temporarily detached not only from technology but also from their everyday life obligations.

Venues Adopt the Trends

A clear sign that Rimini and Vicenza have deep understanding of these trends can be found in the two cities’ convention centres. Rimini Palacongressi, the country’s largest convention centre, is a uniquely designed and elegant structure full of light. It manages to combine state-of-the-art technology with smart and flexible architectural elements providing privacy and exclusivity as requested in the in private trend. 39 rooms, seating capacity for 9,000 and a main room that can host 4,700 guests: the Palacongressi is in line with what the consumers want: a total connectivity with the possibility to escape and switch off when needed.

On the other hand, the Vicenza Convention Centre (ViCC) provides the space for 9,000 persons and 15 meeting rooms, all of which are multifunctional and innovative, making Vicenza the ideal new business destination. In agreement with the city’s architecture and today’s needs, the diverse yet simple structure can cater for associations in every detail.

With the two cities joining forces, associations will have the opportunity to offer their delegates new ways to network and do business.

This article was written by Boardroom editor Vicky Koffa. For more information on Rimini and Vicenza: info@riminiconvention.it / www.riminiconvention.it





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