Sarawak – Creating Global Communities

No doubt Sarawak, the largest of Malaysia’s thirteen states located on the island of Borneo, is a must-see destination for the regular tourist seeking a plethora of cultures, indigenous communities, UNESCO World Heritage sites, immense rainforests and, of course, unique culinary offerings. But the world of business events has all that and more to gain from the region, as Sarawak is firmly set on the industry’s global map as an emerging destination for major international conferences thanks to its ‘Redefining Global Tribes’ campaign.

Riding on the wave of a long period of successful events, Sarawak Convention Bureau (SCB), always with the support of the government, spawned back in 2017 what is still a highly attractive campaign. Since then, the campaign has brought together important international players with the vision to create a strong community, challenging associations to increase the impact of their events on their profession and economy.

The notion that everyone could belong to a tribe and that everyone could unite in Sarawak to form a global tribe where knowledge is shared and legacy is created was received with great interest by associations; after all, that is what any association is all about. And they get rewarded for it. The Anak Sarawak Awards, under the BESarawak umbrella,honours not just convention hosts for their passion and contribution to the growth of Sarawak’s meetings industry, but event suppliers and industry partners every two years.

The goal is to draw on the power of these events to help the state, and the nation, become more advanced through the development of its key sectors with special focus on urban development and re-development, environment, social development, industry, services renewable energy, agriculture as well as digital economy. In this context, Sarawak’s inaugural conference, Business Events Tribal Meet (TriBE 2018) was organised in Kuching earlier this year aiming to drive digital transformation within the Business Events sector.

On this occasion, the BESarawak Alliance (BESA), initiated by the Sarawak Convention Bureau, was launched, featuring a dedicated associate platform for government ministries and agencies to further Sarawak’s economic transformation. This forward-looking effort aspires to create collaborative opportunities between government ministries and agencies through business events. The benefit? The transmission of knowledge, the establishment of new partnerships, and renewed perspectives.

TriBE 2018 featured six international thought leaders in a bid to create a generation of business events leaders whose job is to use digital tools and tribal values in order to create a meaningful legacy. It sets the ground for Sarawak’s bigger plans to enhance further international collaborations and create opportunities for the development of the region’s key sectors. Indeed, in 2020 TriBE Assembly will be an international conference with the focus on Business Events Disruption.

This article was written by Boardroom Editor Vicky Koffa. Watch out for a special Sarawak feature in the February issue of Boardroom.

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