Sustainability & Legacy Powering Events at ICC Sydney

When the world emerges from the coronavirus crisis and resumes reconnecting face to face, there’s a good chance many will want to do it in a way that aligns with their values and sustainability goals. When that time comes, ICC Sydney is ready to play host.

Opened in 2016, the venue on Sydney’s Darling Harbour has long championed social and environmental sustainability. In fact, the venue is an enthusiastic advocate of the triple bottom line approach, which sees it place equal emphasis on people, place and profit. ICC Sydney’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) plan is both impressive and comprehensive.

To hear more about the venue’s approach to creating sustainable events, contact:
Helen Mantellato
ICC Sydney
Business Development Manager – International
+61 2 0215 7100

To find out more about Australia as a business events destination, contact:
Kelly Maynard
Business Events Australia
Head of Distribution Development and
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Over the past few years, ICC Sydney has launched a number of CSR initiatives designed to improve the situation on the ground, such as instituting a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) to facilitate better engagement with Australia’s Aboriginal population and removing plastic straws from circulation. ICC Sydney’s Legacy Program takes things even further, by giving clients opportunities to tap into unique programs that contribute to the preservation of Sydney’s natural environment and the betterment of local communities.

The Legacy Program’s five streams including First Australians, Sustainable Events, Creative Industries, Generation Next and Innovators and Entrepreneurs connect clients with Sydney’s local businesses to forge new partnerships and elevate event programs. 

While sustainability continues to emerge as a key trend in the global events sector, some cities are better equipped to deliver sustainable events than others. Sydney is one of them.

Currently ranked 8th in the world on the Global Destination Sustainability Index, up from 15th in 2017, Sydney has embraced a progressive approach to preserving its natural environment. For example, the City’s Sustainable Destination Partnership sees venues, restaurants, hotels and other businesses working together to make Sydney a truly sustainable tourist destination. Partners pledge to eliminate single-use items from their operations, halve the amount of food waste they generate, and move to sustainable supply chains. ICC Sydney is a key member of the partnership.

So, when the time comes to reconnect, consider doing it sustainably at ICC Sydney.

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