Taichung, Taiwan, in the Spotlight

One of the Taiwan’s bright examples when it comes to meetings industry development is Taichung, the island’s second-largest city. Located in the west coast, Taichung – literally meaning centre of Taiwan – enjoys easy access having its own international airport while it is a two-hour drive from the capital Taipei and only one hour via Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR).

Taichung City joined ICCA in 2016, and both meeting hardware and software are ready for international events. The traditional and cultural scene,represented proudly by the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, is part of the reason why the city is an up-and-coming conference destination. Large-scale events such as the 2017 annual meeting of the Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC) have already been successfully organised in the region.

Taichung also offers a number of meetings facilities, starting from the Greater Taichung International Expo Centre, with an exhibition area of 12,377 sqm, and the World Trade Centre Taichung, with a 700-person capacity. The Shuinan International and Exhibition Centre, accommodating up to 4,600 delegates, is expected to start operations in 2021.

The sound of blooming

This year, the annual World Flora Exposition (pictured) is set to take place in Taichung from November until April of next year and will transform the city into a flower zone where visitors are invited to reconnect with nature and listen to the sound of blooming.Themed ‘Discover GNP: Rediscover Green, Nature and People’, the exposition is promoting the redefinition of Gross National Product (GNP) to the harmonious development of green production, ecosystem and humanity. The hope is that technological advancements can become more sustainable, giving nature a more central role in our lives.

The concept of ‘No Destruction, Just Optimization’ is depicted in the three locations of the exposition, according to Kun-Ming, Kuo, CEO of 2018 Taichung World Flora Expo.The main exhibition venue of “Waipu Expo Site” showcases smart agriculture technology and products, as part of Taichung’s ‘New Five Agricultural Policy’, for the benefit of both the people and the environment, whereas the “Fengyuan Huluduan Park Area” portrays the relationship between water and humanity.

After the Expo is finished, all three locations will be used as environmentally-friendly places, such as an international agricultural and creative park, a horse-riding arena and even a pastry museum.

The flower city also recently won the 2018 World Festival & Event City Award, granted by the International Festivals & Events Association, acknowledging the city’s year-round representative events such as its famous flower carpet festival. And, of course, the infrastructure of the city follows this festive way. Taichung is incorporating design into city management and people’s everyday lives in an attempt to be designated the 2022 World Design Capital.

The road leading up to the World Flora Exposition and the notions it is attempting to promote have triggered an international interest towards Taiwan. The city is no longer seen as a solely industrial area, where development takes the lead, but also as an environmentally conscious and creative region.

This article was written by Vicky Koffa, Boardroom digital editor (digital@boardroom.global). More information on Taiwan as a conference destination: www.meettaiwan.com / Article powered by Bureau of Foreign Trade, MOEA / Taiwan External Trade Development Council / Ad. by Bureau of Foreign Trade, MOEA




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