The Hague Clears Its Lungs

World Forum The Hague has just hosted the influential 49th Union World Conference on Lung Health from 24-27 October 2018, showcasing the venue’s support in the struggle against lung diseases, air pollution and anti-smoking policy. The international World Conference on Lung Health, organized by the Union, is the largest gathering of recognised global experts ranging from clinicians and public health workers to policymakers and researchers, with a common aim to find solution to “the White Plague”.

The conference theme “Declaring Our Rights” highlights the fact that every individual has the right to health, and that elimination of Tuberculosis and achievement of the respective health-related UN Sustainable Development Goals requires a coordinated response driven by the human rights.

World Forum The Hague was a perfect fit for the conference as it is constantly introducing various initiatives when it comes to health and vitality. Through its programs, delegates and employees already enjoy the healthy nutrition, power walking, yoga, surfing, SUP and bootcamps. Moreover, with a strong anti-smoking policy, World Forum fights for fresh air in and around the venue.

Photo : World Forum The Hague

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