Toulouse Excels in Artificial Intelligence

Toulouse is a city that attracts talent enriching its knowledge hubs through shared experience and skills. The fact that it has been named a land of innovation and, more particularly, a centre of excellence for AI does not come by accident. Toulouse is one of the pilot regions of the « France pour l’Intelligence Artificielle » initiative – that has been launched in January 2017 – aimed at helping to define the major factors in the creation of favourable legislation and regulations in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

Major areas for strategic applications include robotics and drones, voice recognition and robots, Big Data and Machine Learning, intelligent and connected cities, intelligent mobility and transport systems and health, personalised medicine among others. The city now boasts over 150 companies, 7 laboratories, 9 cutting edge technology platforms and more than 1500 industrial employees all created to support the growing field.

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